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Powder Coating

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We are Powder Coaters

Looking for powder coating in Calgary? We have a 24 foot oven and are the only company that uses high pressure steam in our system. This eliminates the need for harsh detergents, etc. to clean material prior to powder coating. We can handle small and large items. Companies are welcome that need timely production for their product. We are very cost competitive please ask for a quote today!

The Only Supplier You Need for Metal Railing Products

Rockyford Distributors was established in 1993 and has grown steadily since then, now supplying much of Western Canada with their metal railing needs. Commitment to quality, competitive prices, outstanding customer service, and a huge variety of styles and colour can be credited for Rockyford's success.

Elegant Design • Timeless Beauty • Strong
• Durable • Low Maintenance


Can Rockyford Distributors Help My Business?

Yes. Welding and powder coating in-house allows us to control our costs and meet customer demands in a timely fashion. Rockyford can match or beat any price in the industry, process rush orders, and complete custom spindles as requested. Our variety of steel tube spindles is second-to-none, and our product line has grown to include all types of stainless steel balusters and a vast selection of decorative features. These can all be offered to your customers at a very affordable price.

The Superior Spindle & Rail System

Over 12 Standard Spindle Styles

Natural Plus 16 Powder Coated Finishes

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